Our organization

In Southern California, Optum, formerly HealthCare Partners, delivers high-quality medical care through two delivery models: our staff model, through which we employ primary care physicians and specialists, and our independent physician association (IPA) model, through which we contract with independent primary care physicians and specialists.  Optum, our affiliated management services organization, manages the administrative systems of its staff model and provides a full range of central support services to its IPA network.

Optum Management Services Organization (MSO)

Along with the administrative and central support services offered to its staff and IPA models, Optum also offers strategic planning, implementation, and development of integrated delivery systems, and offers expertise in IPA and medical group formation.

Optum, formerly HealthCare Partners (staff model)

Rated as one of the best in California, the medical group is composed of more than 65 medical clinics and employs more than 600 primary care and specialty physicians. Our service area includes Los Angeles, Pasadena/the San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, Long Beach, the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys, and Orange County. The group provides health care services to both HMO enrollees and fee-for-service patients and has contracts with most major HMOs and PPOs servicing the Greater Los Angeles area. Optum is one of the largest single providers of pre-paid health care for seniors in California.

Optum Institute for Applied Research and Education

The Optum Institute for Applied Research and Education works to improve community and nationwide health care by conducting research in health and wellness, with a focus on managed care and benchmarking best practices. The Institute's research is designed to improve clinical outcomes and patient experience through delivery system redesign, health policy, and education. The Institute also publishes literature on proven innovative health care programs.

Notice of Public Disclosure

Pursuant to Section 6104(d) of the Internal Revenue Code, the annual returns and the application for exemption of the Optum Institute for Applied Research and Education are available for public inspection by any interested citizen who requests them in person or by correspondence.

The foundation’s principal office is located at 2175 Park Place, El Segundo, CA 90245, telephone (310) 354-4364. The principal manager of the foundation is Dr. Jeremy Rich.

The Optum Institute for Applied Research and Education is a 501(c)(3)
tax-exempt organization. Contributions may be deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the extent of tax deductibility.

Optum Care Network - Independent Physician Association (IPA model)

Through the IPA model, physicians in the community affiliated with Optum and the communities we serve have access to a wider selection of physicians. These IPAs consist of more than 1,600 contracted primary care physicians. Optum also works with more than 4,000 contracted specialists, who see patients referred by both IPA and staff model primary care physicians. The IPA service area overlays and extends the Optum staff model clinics.