Total wellness visits for seniors

Taking time to care

Are you 65 or over? We're committed to your total healthcare. Our exclusive Total Wellness Visit allows your doctor and care team to make a thorough health evaluation, with all the tests and follow-up built right in.

The Total Wellness Visit gives you two separate visits, about two weeks apart. Each visit is about an hour long, and you pay only one regular office visit co-pay for your visit.

First visit

You'll meet with our specially trained medical assistant to take care of up to 39 important items that can help you understand your health, and stay healthy:

1. Health history: We'll ask about your current health, any changes since your last visit,your prescriptions, and make sure all your personal information is current.
2. Vaccinations: You'll get your flu shot, and any other vaccines you need.
3. Tests: We'll decide together about tests for:
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood sugar
  • Bone density
  • Breathing
  • Mammogram
  • EKG
  • Any other tests you need
4. Screenings: We'll find out if you have any signs of common conditions, to be sure you get early treatment to keep you healthy as long as possible.
5. Time to ask questions, including:
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Home safety
  • Five Wishes
  • Anything that will help our medical team make sure you get the best care in the future

Second visit

Your second visit will be an extended office visit with your Optum doctor. Together, you will have the opportunity to discuss your health in-depth.

Your visits will have:

1. Plenty of time: Your doctor has scheduled this time just for you, to discuss every aspect of your health, no matter how small, to understand not just everything important about your health, but also what is important to you.
2. Partnership: With time to ask questions and receive careful answers, you'll be an active partner and advocate for your own health.
3. Comfort and confidence: Patients who have already had Total Wellness Visits have told us how much they appreciate knowing they are receiving such thorough care. They also have enjoyed getting to know their doctor's whole health care team.
4. Early detection: Many health problems that affect your quality of life later may not have symptoms now. When caught early, treatment is often easier and quality of life stays high.
5. Choices just for you: Thanks to the large number of available screenings, and the time we can take to discuss your personal health needs, you'll have a health evaluation customized for your needs.
6. Personal attention: You'll have in-depth discussions, with recommendations for maintaining your health between visits.

Optum is here to help you stay healthy so you can live life to the fullest. Please call today to schedule your Total Wellness Visit.