Comprehensive care

Your doctor may refer you the Optum Comprehensive Care Center (CCC). The CCC is a medical office you can go to in addition to seeing your own personal doctor when you have multiple chronic health conditions. Our focus is on your health; there are a limited number of patients who participate in this program. This means individualized attention based on the results we need to achieve together for your health.

Comprehensive care is an approach that cares for all of your needs, not just the medical and physical ones. We know that it can be difficult living with complex medical conditions. Your team of a doctor, registered nurse, and social worker will work with you as a whole person. They will help you and your family or caregiver understand your conditions and medications, learn what to do if your symptoms flare up, and help you keep from going to the hospital when it's not necessary. Your Optum CCC team is here to answer any questions you have and to give you the extra layer of support that you need.

Why use the CCC?

At the CCC you have a team—your doctor, registered nurse, and social worker all work together to help you—all in one place. Each person on the team has been specially chosen to help you manage your specific kind of conditions. That means you don't have to go to different places on different days and times to get the services you need.

We will also coordinate your treatment plan with your personal doctor, providing updates the entire time you are part of the CCC program. That's how we support your personal doctor in taking care of you.

What should you expect?

Once you have been referred to the CCC, your CCC doctor will visit with you for an hour for a comprehensive review of your health and conditions. Your CCC doctor collaborates with all the specialists you may see (for example, your cardiologist, endocrinologist, etc.). And if you ever need to go into the hospital, your CCC doctor will coordinate with our hospital specialists, too.

How often will you visit the CCC?

You can visit the CCC as often as you need. You can also call us any time you start to feel bad or are worried about your health. There is always someone you can reach, 24/7, and a healthcare professional to answer your concerns, day or night. With the CCC, you are never alone with a health issue.

What if you need to see a specialist?

When you need to see a specialist or need a service like physical therapy, your CCC team will help coordinate that. We can arrange a ride to those services if you need it. We can also help you find useful groups and resources in your community.