Focus on patients, not paperwork

Independent physicians work hard to find the balance between caring for  patients and managing their practices. Optum can help. 

We offer our affiliated physicians  access to the PACIS team and technology.
One of the key tools that PACIS offers is our exclusive NextGen Healthcare Electronic Medical Record (EMR) product suite. These tools enable consistent, real-time clinical and administrative workflow among providers, hospitals, and patients.

Through the EMR system, patients’ orders can be immediately and securely communicated to the pharmacy,  the specialist, or the lab. Robust and easy to use, our NextGen solution also meets the requirements for Meaningful Use adoption.

Our PACIS team of experts will help you install the EMR tools and provide training and support after launch – whenever you need it. With expertise in finance, technology, and practice management, we can provide you with a “best practices” office workflow design to help you reach each of your goals. 

PACIS  includes:

  • EMR
  • HCC
  • P4P
  • Patient and Physician Portals
  • Clinical Guidelines
  • Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)

We want to provide you with the best clinical information at the time and place of patient care. That is our ultimate goal for you and your practice. With a PACIS EMR, you can benefit from:

  • More seamless day-to-day operations and billing 
  • Better productivity with more automation 
  • Ability to coordinate care more easily for better health outcomes 
  • Patient satisfaction based on more seamless service and communication 
  • Connection to the large 
  • NextGen community of physicians, specialists, and hospitals 
  • Knowing that your practice will be ready for whatever the future holds

Most of all, you’ll get an EMR system that connects you to a powerful community of providers and services, so you and your staff can continue to provide outstanding patient care – before, during, and after your transition to an EMR.

For more information about PACIS, please contact Robert Di Marco at 310-719-8566 or rdimarco@optum.com.