Patient Online Portal

Get Access to Your Medical Information 24/7 with the Patient Online Portal (POP)

As of August 19, 2014, we’ve launched a our new POP! Call your medical office or 866.917.1690 to learn more.

Use the Patient Online Portal (POP) day or night, to:

  • View your lab test results as soon as they are available
  • Request an appointment with your primary care doctor
  • Request prescription refills
  • Send a secure message to your doctor’s office
  • Register for a Proxy Account for a loved one
  • Ask for a referral to a specialist
  • And more!

Go to the Patient Online Portal


Stay Connected at Your Convenience

No matter where you are, you can look up your appointments and your medical information.

Take Charge of Your Whole Family's Healthcare Needs

Proxy Accounts are available for loved ones in your care. You can register for a Proxy Account for your child under 12. Older family members or loved ones can create Proxy Accounts to let others make appointments, refill prescriptions, and handle other healthcare needs for them.

It's Never Been Easier to Manage Your Healthcare – Start Today!

To start using the POP, just visit your medical office and tell a staff member you would like to register for an account. If you have questions about the POP, call 866.917.1690, daily, from 6 am to Midnight, or email us at pop@healthcarepartners.com