Affiliated Hospitals

HealthCare Partners contracts with trusted hospitals in your area Your doctor will choose the best hospital for you depending on your medical needs. In addition to the hospitals listed below, your doctor may send you to other centers of excellence if you need specialized care.
A Team Approach to Hospital Care We have teams of doctors specializing in hospital care (called "hospitalists") and care managers working in all our core affiliated hospitals in Los Angeles and Orange counties. These medical professionals partner with your doctor to care for you when you are in the hospital. This means someone is at the hospital to see you, answer your questions, and coordinate your care, 24/7.
HealthCare Partners' Network Please note that when you click through to a hospital's website and look at its list of doctors, you are not necessarily looking at doctors who are in the HealthCare Partners network. If you need information about doctors employed by or affiliated with HealthCare Partners, please ask your HealthCare Partners doctor's office or call 888.715.4922.

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