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May 29, 2007

HealthCare Partners Offers Medical Prices to the Public—Medical Group is Among Nation’s First to Disclose Prices

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TORRANCE, CA – May 29, 2007 –
As part of an overall movement toward consumer-friendly price transparency, HealthCare Partners Medical Group (HCP) is disclosing the retail prices for several services and procedures on its website.
HCP is one of the first major medical groups in the United States to make its price list available to the public. HCP has posted pricing for 58 medical procedures whose costs are most commonly requested by its patients. Price ranges are included for more complex or variable services. These prices are on the internet at healthcarepartners.com. Patients may contact HCP’s Patient Support Center at (800) 403-4160 for even more detailed, personal price specificity.
Transparency in pricing has become a leading issue on all sides of the healthcare debate. Last August, President Bush issued an executive order requiring all federal agencies involved in health insurance programs to share all available information on health care costs and quality with consumers. Transparency is also supported by such organizations as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Partly as a result, dozens of hospitals nationwide have begun to disclose their pricing structures. Medical group pricing disclosure is extremely rare.
“Healthcare delivery is becoming more consumer-oriented, and posting our prices is a next logical step in its evolution,” said HCP Chief Executive Officer Robert J. Margolis, M.D. “People have told us they want to know how much they are paying for the healthcare care services they need, so that they can plan and make the most informed decisions. These postings will prove extraordinarily helpful for patients who are budgeting with their annual insurance deductibles or medical savings accounts in mind.”