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May 21, 2008

The Physicians IPA and HealthCare Partners Join Forces

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Los Angeles, CA, May 21, 2008 — Sherif W. Abdou, MD, president and CEO of HealthCare Partners Nevada has announced a new partnership with The Physicians IPA (PIPA), based in Las Vegas.

Although affiliated with HealthCare Partners since 1999, PIPA and its member physicians joined HealthCare Partners Nevada, effective Feb. 1, 2008. This brings 140 more primary care physicians and 10,000 additional patient lives into the care of HealthCare Partners of

“Partnering with PIPA increases the depth of our service coverage and strengthens our network of interconnected doctors, providing quality, coordinated and cost-effective healthcare to the residents of Clark County,” Abdou said.

“HealthCare Partners’ leadership, infrastructure and care model made this an ideal partnership for Physicians IPA,” said Dr. James Lovett, president of PIPA’s board of directors. “Add to that HealthCare Partners’ strategic vision and aligned values, and this is a winning combination.”

Rick Beavin, COO of HealthCare Partners Nevada, added, “In order to give patients the most complete care, physicians and other medical personnel need to maximize time and resources. To do this, they must work together in a technologically advanced environment,
which is critical in meeting the challenges of providing affordable healthcare that supports an aging population, many of whom suffer from chronic diseases.”

The vision and commitment already shared by the two organizations — combined with PIPA’s reputation for stability, patient-centric care and superior service — are naturally
synergistic with HealthCare Partners, one of the largest and highest rated provider networks for clinical excellence and patient satisfaction.

“In addition, our organizations are aligned in many ways, especially in regard to our approaches to providing the utmost in coordinated patient care,” said Dr. Rudy Manthei, PIPA vice president. “Together, we will be better able to meet the increasing demand for quality healthcare provided by knowledgeable, compassionate primary care physicians and specialists throughout southern Nevada.”

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