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April 5, 2011

HealthCare Partners of Nevada and Specialty Medical Center Join Forces

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Las Vegas, Nevada, April 5, 2011 ––
Sherif Abdou, MD, president and chief executive officer of HealthCare Partners of Nevada, a Las Vegas-based healthcare organization, today announced that Specialty Medical Center in Pahrump, Nevada, is joining forces with HealthCare Partners.<o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p>
Specialty Medical Center has been in Pahrump for 11 years, operating as an independent medical group and caring for patients through more than 28,000 visits per year in four local medical offices.  The group employs 50 people locally, and provides primary care, urgent care, and specialty care services.  With the addition of Specialty Medical Center, HealthCare Partners of Nevada is now 39 medical facilities strong in the state of Nevada.<o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p>
<o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p>“Specialty Medical Center expands the number of facilities HealthCare Partners of Nevada operates in Pahrump,” said Dr. Abdou.  “We are pleased that this partnership allows us to make high-quality, service-oriented medical care available to Pahrump area residents.”<o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p><o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p>Georges Tannoury, MD, of Specialty Medical Center stated, “We are proud to become part of a dynamic organization like HealthCare Partners.  We look forward to many opportunities to grow and innovate together for our patients’ benefit.”<o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p><o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p>“Joining the two organizations helps us fulfill our goal of bringing high-quality, coordinated medical care to the communities we serve,” added Robert Margolis, chairman and chief executive officer of HealthCare Partners, LLC.<o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p><o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p>About HealthCare Partners of Nevada<o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p>HealthCare Partners of Nevada comprises more than 200 employed and affiliated primary care physicians and more than 1,300 employed and contracted specialists, caring for patients in Clark and Nye Counties.  For more information about HealthCare Partners of Nevada, please visit www.hcpnv.com.  <o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p><o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p>HealthCare Partners, LLC, with operations in California, Nevada, and Florida, manages and operates medical groups and affiliated physician networks nationally in its pursuit of excellent quality healthcare delivered in a dignified and compassionate manner.   HealthCare Partners operates HealthCare Partners Affiliates Medical Group (California), HealthCare Partners of Nevada, JSA Healthcare Corporation (Florida), The Camden Group (a national consulting firm), and the HealthCare Partners Institute for Applied Research and Education.  For more information, please visit www.healthcarepartners.com. <o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p><o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p><o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p>###<o:p _rdeditor_exists="1"> </o:p>