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February 7, 2013

Keeping Patients Out of Hospitals: A Private-Sector Approach to Health Reform

Dr. Jim Dougher climbs into his white SUV, plugs the address of his next patient into the GPS, and he's off. The SUV is well stocked: He has a large Tupperware bin in the back full of bandages and wound cleaning supplies; he has a variation on the old-time doctor's bag with a stethoscope and blood-pressure cuff; and he has a dedicated cellular wifi hotspot and a laptop that can communicate with HealthCare Partner's electronic medical record.

Dougher, a stocky man with short grey hair who has lived in Southern California his entire life, is visiting Lavonne Halford, 82, in the Torrance ranch house where she has lived for 55 years. The living room is dominated by Halford's hospital bed, but the walls are decorated with images and statues of Jesus and a large number of collectible stuffed animals. Halford is proud of her home, and makes sure visitors check out the bathroom renovation she recently supervised.

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