Coordinated Care

Helping You Get the Right Care at the Right Time in the Right Place

HealthCare Partners believes in the value of coordinated care. "Coordinated care" means that all our healthcare professionals work together to help make sure patients get the right care at the right time.

At the center of that effort is a primary care doctor who understands his/her patients' health and medical history and ensures that each patient gets what he or she needs: taking right tests, seeing the right specialists, enrolling in the right programs for extra support, working with a care manager if needed, etc. This primary care doctor's role is not only to take care of everyday health and illnesses, but also to help prevent patients from medical errors, drug interactions, duplication of tests, and unnecessary hospitalization.

When everyone works together to coordinate a patient's care, the result can be happier, healthier patients, faster recovery by those who are ill or hospitalized, and improved quality of life for those with serious and chronic conditions.